Rent Propane Tanks & Cylinders from Mutual Propane in Alberta


500 gal/1000 gal Rentals


All rented tanks are maintained by Mutual Propane and are filled on a regular basis. The rental rate for propane tanks is extremely affordable for qualifying customers.

Dispenser Rentals

The installation of a propane dispenser is one of the best ways to reduce and control your fleet’s fueling costs. At Mutual Propane, we offer standard and customized dispensers for all your specific requirements and also provide exceptional on-site training for the safe handling of the product and proper operation of equipment.

420lb Cylinders (Pig Tanks) & Cylinder Rentals

420lb cylinders are always available for various applications, whether you require it for construction or for simply heating your outdoor pool. The option to rent 33lb and 43lb forklift cylinders are available for businesses requiring larger quantities of cylinders.

For further information regarding propane tank rentals and tank purchases throughout Alberta, please contact us at 1-800-688-8258 or complete the Mutual Propane eform.