Safety is Our Priority at Mutual Propane


Training by Mutual Propane for Individuals and Groups

It is essential to ensure all safety procedures are followed while handling or storing propane. At Mutual Propane, we provide training programs focused on keeping our customers safe. Our programs are specially designed to suit the needs of both individuals and groups to promote a culture of safe propane handling.


Partnerships in Injury Reduction

Mutual Propane has received a certificate of recognition signed by the representatives from the Alberta Construction Safety Association and the Government of Alberta. This certificate called “Partnerships in Injury Reduction” is proof of our commitment to health and safety.

For more information about propane, refer to the propane information resources page.

For all propane emergencies, contact Mutual Propane at 1-800-688-8258.

We are available 24/7.

SDS & Public Notification

Safety Data Sheet & Public Notification

If you want to know more about the safety measures necessary while handling and storing propane, check out our safety data sheet.