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Why Propane?


As Mutual Propane, we’ve been Alberta’s beacon for energy solutions since 1954. Serving the Spruce Grove area, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and safe propane services. Propane in Spruce Grove is not just a fuel; it’s a lifeline for homes, businesses, and agricultural operations. Our journey through the years has taught us the value of community and the importance of uninterrupted energy supply.

Why Propane?

The Versatility of Propane

Propane stands out as an incredibly versatile energy source. From heating homes to fueling industrial operations, its applications are vast. At Mutual Propane, we’ve seen firsthand how it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in Spruce Grove and beyond.

Environmental Benefits

We are all stewards of the earth, and choosing propane is a step toward a cleaner environment. It burns cleaner than many other fuels, producing fewer greenhouse gases. This is why we advocate for its use, hoping to contribute to a greener future.

Our Services

Residential Solutions

Warm homes and hot meals are the heartbeats of a family. We provide residential propane services to keep the hearth of your home burning bright. From tank installations to regular refill schedules, we ensure you never run cold.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Businesses and industries in Spruce Grove rely on propane for a myriad of operations. We supply propane in bulk, ensuring that your operations run smoothly, without interruption. Our team understands the critical nature of keeping industries powered and are always ready to deliver.

Agricultural Uses

Agriculture is the backbone of our community. Propane aids in crop drying, heating greenhouses, and powering farm equipment. We’re proud to support our farmers and agricultural sectors, providing them with the energy they need for a bountiful harvest.

Safety First

Safety is not just a policy; it’s our culture. Handling propane requires expertise and caution, and our team is trained to the highest standards. From the moment we receive your call to the delivery and installation process, ensuring the safety of your home or business is our paramount concern.

We also provide comprehensive training for our clients, ensuring that they understand the best practices in propane handling and storage. Our proactive approach to safety has helped us build trust within the communities we serve.

Customer Testimonials

Hearing positive feedback from our customers fills us with pride. Nina Boychuk mentioned, “Been with them for over 25 years. Service is always great.” Mitch Lee found our services efficient, “Chanced upon Mutual Propane and was in and out in record time.” These testimonials motivate us to maintain high standards of service and customer satisfaction.

Choosing Us for Your Propane Needs

Choosing Mutual Propane means opting for reliability and quality. With over six decades of experience, our knowledge of the propane industry is unparalleled. We are not just suppliers; we are your energy partners, committed to powering your home or business safely and efficiently. For Propane Spruce Grove, look no further than Mutual Propane.

Get In Touch

For all your propane needs in Spruce Grove, reaching out to us is easy. Contact us at +1 (800) 688-8258 or email Whether it’s a query, a request for installation, or an emergency refill, our team is ready to assist. Join the Mutual Propane family today and experience impeccable service backed by decades of expertise.


Propane Spruce Grove is more than just our service; it’s our commitment to powering lives and businesses. At Mutual Propane, we understand the critical role energy plays in daily life and endeavor to provide solutions that are not only efficient but also sustainable. As we continue to serve the Spruce Grove area, our mission remains clear: to deliver excellence in every tank, every delivery, every time.

Customer Testimonials

Why Choose Propane for Energy?

Propane is not just another source of energy; it’s a versatile, clean, and efficient solution that caters to a wide range of applications from residential heating to industrial operations. Unlike many other fuels, propane has a relatively low carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendlier option. Additionally, its versatility means it can be used for everything from powering agricultural equipment to providing a consistent and reliable energy source for homes. Drawing from our decades-long experience, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits propane brings to families and businesses alike.

How Does Mutual Propane Ensure Safety?

Safety is at the core of everything we do at Mutual Propane. Beyond adhering to stringent safety standards, we invest in continuous training for our team to handle propane safely. This focus on safety encompasses everything from the transportation and storage of propane to its usage. We also extend this training and knowledge to our customers, empowering them with best practices for handling propane. It’s not just about compliance for us; it’s about creating a culture of safety that protects everyone involved. Remember, informed usage is safe usage.

What Makes Mutual Propane Different from Other Suppliers?

Our difference lies in our commitment to our customers and the community. Having served Alberta since 1954, our understanding and experience in the propane industry are unmatched. Beyond just supplying propane, we view ourselves as energy partners to our customers, offering tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Our dedication to timely deliveries, safety, and comprehensive service offerings set us apart. Our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 25 years, attest to the quality and reliability of our service.

Can Propane Really Make a Difference in Reducing Carbon Footprint?

Absolutely. Propane is one of the cleaner fossil fuels, emitting significantly fewer greenhouse gases compared to others. When you choose propane, you’re opting for an energy source that contributes less to air pollution and global warming. This makes propane a smart choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. It’s about making a conscious decision to not only meet your energy needs but to do so in a way that is more sustainable for our planet.

What Types of Services Does Mutual Propane Offer?

Mutual Propane is your one-stop shop for all your propane needs. Our services range from residential heating solutions to bulk propane deliveries for commercial and industrial operations. We also cater to the agricultural sector, providing energy solutions that aid in crop drying and heating greenhouses. Our comprehensive service offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring that whether you’re heating your home or powering your business, we’ve got you covered.

How Can You Get Started with Mutual Propane?

Getting started with us is easy. You can reach out to us at +1 (800) 688-8258 or email Our team is ready to discuss your needs, provide expert advice, and assist with everything from installations to scheduling regular refills. Joining the Mutual Propane family means choosing an energy partner that is committed to your satisfaction and safety. Let us power your home or business with the efficiency and reliability that only decades of experience can provide.


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